Atlant Clinical acknowledges that CROs often carry the least risk in the pharmaceutical development process. With this in mind we have decided to offer a partnership agreement with our clients. Upon contract negotiation, we will provide a project timeline and budget estimate. If we fail to meet agreed upon timelines, we will be financially culpable, and if we manage to deliver significantly faster, we will be remunerated. 

Wide Geographical Coverage

Atlant Clinical received a request from a leading pharmaceutical company for a feasibility study in seventeen countries. Our wide geographical presence and our team’s wealth of experience allowed us to succeed in the task. We obtained the most relevant data from KOLs throughout the region of interest. We quickly reached full recruitment and the study is currently underway.

Operational Flexibility

Atlant Clinical was contacted by an international biotech company that had several issues with their existing partner regarding the signing of the agreement and other related documents. Due to the delay, there were meager deadlines that needed to be met. We managed to negotiate and sign the agreement within two weeks and quickly put together a strategy that allowed us to meet their ambitious timelines.

Study Rescue

Atlant Clinical was approached by an international pharma company with an oncology phase III trial. Recruitment was far behind schedule, and there was an urgent need to finish the trial on time. Atlant proposed to add five additional countries (Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, and Belgium) and twenty sites to boost recruitment and complete the trial on schedule. Eventually all patients were enrolled, and the proposed sites became the number one and number two top recruiters worldwide.


Atlant Clinical was approached by an international pharmaceutical company that was unsatisfied with the quality of the contracted CRO. Atlant created a smooth transition strategy that allowed us to minimize any potential risks or complications at study handover. The study underwent two independent audits, neither of which had any major findings.