With competition fierce and budgets tight, the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies need a clinical trials partner they can rely on.

As a preferred supplier for leading global organizations, like GSK and MSD, CRO Atlant Clinical is at the forefront of the industry. We have continued to grow and excel since our founding in 2007. The criteria that set us apart:

  • Quality – We pride ourselves on quality across all aspects of our operation. All of the 20+ independent audits of Atlant have been completed successfully. In 2015, we were awarded ISO 9001: 2008 certification in Organization and Management of Clinical Trials (by Bureau Veritas). In June 2018 we successfully implemented ISO 9001: 2015 standards, which was proved by Bureau Veritas audit.
  • Strong international presence – Having a number of offices in varied geographical zones means we are directly in touch with test sites throughout the globe. We are consistently in close collaboration with partners and organizations on the ground throughout the US, Europe, Russia, the CIS, and Baltic States.
  • Transparency – We keep you connected – from feasibility study and site selection, to clinical study report preparation and submission. Every aspect of every project is meticulously recorded and made accessible to our clients, 24/7.
  • Speed – CRO Atlant Clinical is a tight, fully-integrated team with a dynamic, results-oriented culture. Throughout the study, we always have an eye on prompt and efficient completion.
  • Responsiveness – If there is any single factor that explains our rapid success and growth, it would be our ability to respond quickly and effectively to our clients’ needs. We are always available and in direct contact.
  • Personnel – We only hire at the upper echelons of the marketplace, recruiting personnel with proven success. Our practice of hiring only full-time, competitively salaried employees, ensures low turnover and enables us to provide instant, like-for-like cover, should an employee become unavailable for any reason.
  • Value – Our lean, value-added structure guarantees that we remain both highly cost-competitive and entirely predictable. Our costs are meticulously calculated at the outset of each project, so there’s no slippage or hidden costs down the line.
  • Integrity – We’re focused on company growth and realize the most effective way to do this is with repeat client business. We approach each new project with the goal of creating long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships. So we always keep our promises, meet our deadlines, and stick to our quotes.