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Clinical and scientific expertise applied at the stage of study planning and document preparation set the foundations for an effective and thorough clinical trial.

Atlant Clinical has a dedicated Medical and Scientific Advising Group of medical doctors and biologists with decades of experience in clinical practice and in life sciences. This real-world expertise allows for a group that is not only experienced in the development of study documentation, but considers the real needs of clinical practitioners and helps to frame adequate scientific objectives.

Our specialists have a wealth of experience in preparation, translation, and adaptation of trial documentation. Their applied expertise ensures that documents are fully compliant with Good Clinical Practice (GCP), as well as all client and regulatory requirements, enabling a well-designed and speedy trial.

The Medical and Scientific Advising Group also supports the medical departments of study sponsors. Medical writers prepare original study articles, review articles for local and international peer-reviewed journals, and develop promotional materials for patients and medical specialists.

Our services include:

  • medical and scientific expertise of incoming projects
  • development of study outlines and protocol synopses
  • writing of clinical trial protocols and protocol amendments
  • preparation and adaptation of informed consent forms, in accordance with local regulatory and ethics requirements
  • development of questionnaires and patient diaries
  • writing and updating investigators’ brochures
  • preparation of clinical study reports
  • translation of client study documents into local languages
  • preparation of scientific and medical articles for local and international peer-reviewed journals
  • development of promotional materials for patients and medical specialists
  • translation of international training modules into local languages
  • scientific annotation of medical literature